Warcraft Podcast Spotlight #5: Twisted Nether Blogcast

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Podcast Name: Twisted Nether Blogcast

Website: www.twistednether.net

Group: Blog Azeroth

Hosts: Nibuca & Fimlys

Information on the Podcast and why I love it:

Okay, so maybe it’s just me… or maybe I’ve missed the details of this podcast… but I’ve been listening to the Twisted Nether for about 2 months or so… about the time when I started listening to Podcasts… it just occurred to me today as I was listening to episode 66, with their special guest Mark Turpin aka Turpster (also the co host for the WoWinsider podcast)… that I never… ever… noticed that their voicemail number is a “407” area code!!!  For those that don’t know… I live in Orlando… the place where “The Devil Wears Mouse Ears..,” and I had no clue that they are in O-Town!!!  Now that is 2 podcasts that I’ve spotlighted that I come to find out are in my area… first my friends over at Hearthcast.com, and now TN!!! WOOT!!!

Anyways… now to get why I like this podcast… aside from the point that it is an Orlando based podcast (I presume)… TNB are always chalk full of informative information… but I think the best thing about TNB aside for the fun factor of their show… is there guests and their round table discussions… it’s great to hear from new people… and then get to check out their site… it’s this type of “network” podcasting that is really awesome…

For any questions, have a podcast to suggest? email me at gnomendagger@gmail.com

~Giggidee Of Velen~


Special Thanks to Rewt/Freckleface @ Hearthcast.com

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Just like to give a special shout out to my Orlando neighbors over at Hearthcast.com.

They gave me a shout out on their most recent podcast and I was elated with joy!  Thanks guy! ❤



Warcraft Podcast Spotlight #4: Rawrcast

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Podcast Name: Rawrcast

Website: Rawrcast.com

Group: Bound

Hosts: Hafrot (Rusty) & Stompalina (Denise)

Information on the Podcast and why I love it:

Rawrcast was one of those first podcasts that got me into fanatically listening to not only other Warcraft Podcasts, but podcasts of different interests I have.  Haf & Stomp bring with their podcasts a new element not yet heard in other podcasts out there… they are Guild Leaders and more importantly they are a married couple.  How awesome is it to not only run a guild, but run it with you mate?  My fiance use to play Warcraft and I really enjoyed my time playing with her in game (hmmmm that didn’t sound too right lmao).

But that’s not only what set’s them aside from some other podcasts… they are very important, caulked full of segements, and are overall a hilarious woot to listen to.  Stomp’s laughing/snorting is FTW… hahaha

Definitely go check this podcast.  Definitely one of my top 10 podcasts.

For any questions, have a podcast to suggest? email me at gnomendagger@gmail.com

~Giggidee Of Velen~

Giggidee’s Tip of the Week: Ever Frost Shards & The Sons Of Hodir

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So you want a bad ass shoulder enchant… Don’t we all???


…but… all of you already know how much a pain in the ass it is to grind/quest for Sons of Hodir reputation…

Luckily!!! I have a Warcraft Pro Tip from the guys over at the World Of WOW podcast that many people don’t know…

So, apparently… around Dun Niffelem there are things called [Ever Frost Shards]… these shards, once turned into the Sons of Hodir… will give you an extra 300 rep.

Now, there are 6 areas around Dun Niffelem where they will spawn… and they spawn in 45imns intervals… AND THEY ARE VERY HARD TO FIND AND SEE!!! Because there are VERY VERY small…

But hey, if you see something sparkling out of the corner of your eye… make sure to check it out… it might be an Ever Frost Shard and an extra 300 rep!!!

Giggidee Of Velen


A Bit Off Topic: YEAH Manny Pacquiao!!!

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So I have decided to go a little off topic to give a shout out to Manny Pacquiao and win against Cotto on Saturday night… YEAH!!!! Go Pac-Man!!!

For the record… yes, I am Filipino!























My Week/Weekend In Warcraft 11/9-11/15

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First off I would like to thank all the Gnome N Dagger readers out there that take the time to come on the site daily and read up on my blog… I’ve accumulated 100 hits this past week, and I am close to 150… thank you thank you so much ❤

So this week in Warcraft brought a lot of changes, a lot of spending, and a lot of new stuff that came my way.

Raiding wise, I was able to hit Ulduar 25man; a first for me as I’ve only run it on 10man.  In addition, I got a new pair of legs & a new MH dagger for my rogue; SWEET!!!

The big change for this week came in the form of dropping one of my professions!  After a long contemplation, I decided to drop Herbalism and I picked up Engineering.  There were no particular clear cut reasons of why I did it, but I wasn’t really herbing much as I rely heavy on mining Titanium, Fishing, and Cooking as my biggest sources of income.  In addition, I get an extra 15 skill in Engineering because I am a Gnome, NEAT!

I was able to level up the skill to 465 in about half a day (due to running errands in RL).  But MAN did leveling this profession cut into my gold stash.  I had a pretty good amount of gold on my main & my bank toon… I would say around 6k or so.  At the end of everything, I spent about 4500-5000g… yeah mucho grosso… lol

Was it worth it?  Yeah I think so… the little neat toys and etc I got from it was well worth it… I was able to Tinker (kind of like self-enchanting) a few neat things on to some of my gear, I made my portable wormhole, I made a new trinket that has a change to increase my Attack Power, I made my portable mailbox, and also my Gnomish swiss army knife which allows me to rez another player.  My greatest creation so far is the Turbo Charged Flying Machine… which is a Helicopter/Airplane looking Epic Flying mount… very neat, and I probably won’t use any other flying mount LMAO…

I am working to get the faction to obtain the schematic for the motorcycle mount, but I’ve got a long way to go for that… I actually have to go back and start doing old quests to gain rep with the Alliance Vanguard.

That was pretty much my week… for this upcoming week I am going to get my bank toon back up to were I was pre-engineering profession… trying to save up enough mats to fill my banks… and trying to accumulate 20k+ gold


~Giggidee Of Velen~



Warlock 101: The Affliction Warlock, I NEED MORE DOTS!!!

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So, not many people know… but before I Re-rolled my Rogue as my main character… I was a seriously raiding Warlock from Vanilla to the end of TBC.

So… I’ve got a pretty extensive knowledge of the Warlock class and everything that they have to offer…

So, Just like I did for Rogue 101… Here we go!

Warlock 101: The Affliction Warlock!!!

The Affliction Warlock – An affliction warlock is a DPS caster class, which primarily does damage with their DoTs (Damage over Time) spells.  Being an end game Affliction Warlock are one of the most difficult to play well, but CAN provide extremely high DPS… if played correctly.

The Builds – You are going to look at 3 general builds for an endgame raiding Warlock… Haunt/Ruin w/Succubus 53/0/18 (LINK), Haunt/Ruin 56/0/15 (LINK)

Both equally good builds… the second will really help out if you are struggling with Spell Hit.

Affliction Warlock Rotations – An Affliction Warlock’s rotation heavily relies on what “type” of mob that you are fighting at any given time.  Because you are a “DoT” machine… it would be hard to do good DPS if you put a DoT on something that will die faster than you can spit out your rotation.


First off there are 3 types of mobs to think about…

  1. Boss & High HP Trash
  2. Single/Double Trash
  3. +3 Trash or AOE Trash


Boss or High HP Trash Rotation

(NOTE… If you are on CoE (Curse of Elements) duty, then make sure to cast that first; if not then CoA (Agony))


  1. CoE (or CoA)
  2. Shadowbolt
  3. Haunt
  4. Corruption
  5. Unstable Affliction
  6. Shadowbolt until Haunt is of cooldown
  7. REFRESH DoTs as needed with this order as PRIORITY…
  • CoE (or CoA)
  • Haunt (Lifetap after using Haunt to get the most out of the HP return)
  • Corruption
  • Unstable Affliction
  1. During the last 25% of the Boss/Mobs HP:
    • Refresh Haunt (should also give you the Shadow’s Embrace effect)
    • Recast Corruption if it has dropped
    • Drain Soul. (SHARD!!!)


Single/Double Trash Rotation: (trash dies too quickly to get a full dot rotation on them).

Haunt, Corruption, Shadow Bolt until dead. (Drain Soul if you need soul shards).
+3 Trash or AOE Trash Rotation:

Seed of Corruption multiple mobs. (seed, tab, seed, tab, seed, tab, etc) FYI… “tab” means tab to a different target… lmao


Email me at Gnomendagger@gmail.com for any questions


~Giggidee Of Velen~

AKA Giggilocks