Hello Warcrafters!!!

Hmmm…. about me section? I am getting bad memories of MySpace whenever I am told to fill out an about me section LMAO!!!


In Game Bio

Toon Name: Giggidee

Race: Gnome Female

Class: Rogue

Current Talent Build: Mutilate

Server: Velen (PVE)

Favorite saying: “MMORPG stands for Mostly Men Online Role Playing Girls!”

RL Bio

Name: John

Race: Human Male

Class: Medical School

Current Talent Build: Student & FT Employee

Server: Orlando, FL (where the devil wears mouse ears)

Fun Facts about John/Giggidee:

  • I’ve been playing Warcraft since WoW Vanilla
  • My very first toon was a Paladin to which I got very pissed off and deleted him and rolled a Warlock; then eventually ended up as a Rogue after LvLing my Warlock to the cap in TBC when I got bored… I’ve been a Rogue ever since because I like to stab people!!! hahaha
  • I have RL friends that play with me on my server that also live near or around my area
  • Other games I play include Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike, Tekken Series, Street Fighter Series, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune Series
  • I am a huge Anime n Manga dork lmao!!!

Contact me anytime on Twitter @ twitter.com/gnomendagger or email me at gnomendagger@gmail.com


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