My UPCOMING Weekend in Warcraft: Mining, Fishing, & Raiding!!!

Bang! So in a twist of the segment, I decided what I’ve got planned for Warcraft for this upcoming weekend.  Lots of exciting stuff, at lease for me that is… Mining & Fishing to get my gold stash back up to a reasonable level… and I’ve given myself a sort of challenge…

I am going to test to see how much gold I can make in 1 month from Mining, Fishing, and the Cooking/Fishing daily in Dalaran.  That’s it… no other dailies… nothing else… what ever I Mine and Fish will be sold on the AH periodically and we will see… My ultimate goal… I think I’ve given myself is 20k, I was going to make it 10k but I’ve made 5k in a week depending on the market on the AH…  We will see in a few days I’ve made back almost 2k of the gold I spent to level Engineering.

In other news, I’ll be raiding tonight (Friday)… yahoo!!! I think this is the first weekend I don’t really have to worry about a paper to write or an exam I have to study for… which is really nice… so I will be all into the game tonight…

Log on to Velen – US and say Hi!!! ❤

Giggidee of Velen



~ by giggidee2157 on November 20, 2009.

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