Warcraft Podcast Spotlight #5: Twisted Nether Blogcast

Podcast Name: Twisted Nether Blogcast

Website: www.twistednether.net

Group: Blog Azeroth

Hosts: Nibuca & Fimlys

Information on the Podcast and why I love it:

Okay, so maybe it’s just me… or maybe I’ve missed the details of this podcast… but I’ve been listening to the Twisted Nether for about 2 months or so… about the time when I started listening to Podcasts… it just occurred to me today as I was listening to episode 66, with their special guest Mark Turpin aka Turpster (also the co host for the WoWinsider podcast)… that I never… ever… noticed that their voicemail number is a “407” area code!!!  For those that don’t know… I live in Orlando… the place where “The Devil Wears Mouse Ears..,” and I had no clue that they are in O-Town!!!  Now that is 2 podcasts that I’ve spotlighted that I come to find out are in my area… first my friends over at Hearthcast.com, and now TN!!! WOOT!!!

Anyways… now to get why I like this podcast… aside from the point that it is an Orlando based podcast (I presume)… TNB are always chalk full of informative information… but I think the best thing about TNB aside for the fun factor of their show… is there guests and their round table discussions… it’s great to hear from new people… and then get to check out their site… it’s this type of “network” podcasting that is really awesome…

For any questions, have a podcast to suggest? email me at gnomendagger@gmail.com

~Giggidee Of Velen~


~ by giggidee2157 on November 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Warcraft Podcast Spotlight #5: Twisted Nether Blogcast”

  1. To be clear: Fim’s in Orlando 🙂 I’m in California. Ahh the joys of teh Intarwebz.


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