Rogue 101: Macros and you!!!

Macro this… Macro that… Macro Polo!!!

Macros can be really stressful to learn and set up SOMETIMES, if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.  However, as a Rogue, some macros can be so, so useful in your gameplay… whether it be that half a second that you were quicker than the other mob or person (pvp); or just to make some extra gold (pickpocketing)… Macros can be a Godsend for even the greatest players…

Here are a 2 really good Macros for your Rogue!!!

Cold Blood [Insert Attack Here] Macro – For all you assassination Rogue out there… it is very common to forget about “Cold Blood” and here is a macro that will help you use it and the ability you choose after it immediately.

/cast Cold Blood
/cast [Insert Attack Here] – either Envenom or Eviscerate


Pickpocket [Insert Attack Here] Macro – If there is one macro that EVERY Rogue should use, it would be this one… you will get a lot of extra gold just by using this macro… basically what it does is casts Pickpocket before you perform a stealthed attack; such as Ambush, Garrote, Sap, Cheap Shot…

/cast Pick Pocket
/cast [Insert Attack Here] – Ambush, Garrote, Sap, or Cheap Shot

***I would recommend that you replace those 4 abilities with this macro… trust me… you will pick pocket more gold, random items to sell for gold, and sometimes green & blue gems… FTW!!!

Email me at for any questions or any macros you would like to share!!!

~Giggidee Of Velen~



~ by giggidee2157 on November 12, 2009.

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