New Segment!!! Giggidee’s Music Playlist!!!

So I decided to make a new segment on the blog…!!! Exciting I know!!!

So we all love the Warcraft OST… Whether is be Vanilla, TBC, or WoTLK… we will always love our iconic OST from the game…

But let’s be honest for a min, after you’ve level your character to 80… maybe even your second or third… you tend to want to hear something else…

Personally, I listen to a lot of different stuff when I am playing Warcraft… so I’ve decided to make the segment Giggidee’s Music Playlist !!!

Basically the premise behind this segment is to bring you the readers great music to listen to while playing the game.

Music that will keep you company when you are fishing or flying around collecting herbs and mining nodes…


I’ve got one music suggestions for this week…

Artist/Group: Airwave

Album: Believe

Track List: Amazon Link

Why it is good to play Warcraft tooIf your a fan of Warcraft and Old Warcraft Exploration videos, then you are know who Dj Airwave is… his music his Techo/Electronica… and has a really good vibe to play Warcraft too… Listen especially to track 10 “When Things Go Wrong…” you will remember it from all those Pre-Burning Crusade exploration videos… yay!


~ by giggidee2157 on November 12, 2009.

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