Warcraft Podcast Spotlight #2: The Instance

Podcast Name: The Instance

Website: http://theinstance.net

Group: My Extra Life/Alea Lacta Est

Hosts: Randy Deluxe (Maui) & Scott Johnson (Gerp)

Information on the Podcast and why I love it:

Naturally, The Instance became the 2nd Warcraft podcast that I started listening to after World Of WOW, I mean… The Instance is the #1 Warcraft podcast on iTunes, so it was only natural that I would listen to them.  I really do love to listen to The Instance, the hosts are very entertaining and they have a lot of good segments that are very informative and funny.

One thing that I did find really interesting and fascinating is that they run (persay), one of the largest guilds that I’ve known on any server.  Alea Lacta Est or AIE for short is a Horde guild on the Earthenring server, and consists of approximately 1900+ people.  I mean, wow… that’s a lot of people.  However, I do like how they set it up… the guild itself is HUGE, but they have guilds within the guild… these guild are called “raiding teams” and each raiding team has his or her own leader… the GM & officers of AIE as a while don’t do much in regards to setting up raids and such… but rather have let the individuals in their guild manage things themselves.  Which is a really neat idea imo, I mean with 1900 people in your guild, I would hate to be the one trying to set up a raids… but leaving it up to individual raid teams and leaders is a fantastic idea.  Kudos to AIE!!!

But yeah, I highly suggests that if you are a warcraft player, you NEED to listen to their podcasts… they are #1 for a reason… because they are good and entertaining with each episode they put out.

For any questions email me at gnomendagger@gmail.com

~Giggidee Of Velen~


~ by giggidee2157 on November 6, 2009.

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