My Week In Warcraft #1 (10/30-11/06)

My week in warcraft consisted of a lot of new and exciting things.  Lots of gold, farming, PVP, and Raiding.

A few weeks ago, I had left my old guild to join a raiding guild with a previous raid leader that I had raided under shortly before I took my long hiatus from warcraft.  I was very excited to find out that he was starting a new guild because he was a really good raid leader and was nothing but helpful when in our previous guild.  On top of that they were looking for a rogue to join their ranks and I just so happen to be that rogue!!!

We ran a 10-man Ulduar raid and ran thru it relatively smoothly and I saw a lot of good potential and progression with this guild as a whole.  I was only able to raid once with them so far since joining because I’ve been bogged up with a lot of exams and such at my college, but once we have our break, I am happy to see that I will be busy raiding with these guys.

Other than raiding, this week really brought in a lot of gold.  I mean ALOT of gold.  I think I made about 2500 gold this week, yeah… that’s not a typo… 2500!  The funny thing is that I don’t do many dailies.  I do the fishing and cooking dailies in Dalaran and then I usually find myself in Wintergrasp afterwards.  I que up and wait for WG to start, and while I am waiting I am usually fishing or mining.  The mining market on our server is pretty good right now so I am not herbing for the moment.  I was able to get 4 stack of Titanium this week, which is really awesome considering a stack sells for around 250-350G… you do the math… 4 x 250-350 = 1000G – 1400G… CHA CHING!!!  also that didn’t count selling Saronite or even selling Glacial Salmon, Sculpin, and Nettlefish… lmao

I think with all the income coming in, I’ve decided to do what I did when I heard WoTLK was launching… I started saving tons of gold.  Me and a few friends that I play with in RL even started doing the same, we kind of even made it a competition to see who could save up the most gold.  My friend from canada I think won hands down, he was the first to 10k gold before WoTLK… yeah he is nuts…

In addition, I was able to finish the 3 fishing achievements for fishing coins out of the Dalaran fountain.  One step closer to the “Salty” title.

I was able to PVP a lot to, not so much WG battle or BGs, but one on one ganking or being ganked in WG while mining.  I think my greatest kill was a blood elf paladin.  Here is the story… so one night I was minding my own business mining in WG… I had a pretty stead stream of hitting mining nodes without being bothered or worrying that someone got the node before I did.  That was until a BE pally came around while I was mining some saronite.  I had just got done mining and hopped on my flying mount… and just as I was taking for the pally hit me with a holy strike.  It didn’t knock me off my mount, it just caused some damage, no biggie… so I decided to ignore him and just fly off and continue mining.  On three different locations in WG, I would mine something and he wound drop in right afterwards and try to kill me, but I was always already on my mount and just flew off.  I decided that if he tried it again, I would not fly off, I was just going to fight and get it over with.  Sure enough, he came back… however this time I didn’t fly off… I hoped of my mount, stealthed, and Cheap Shotted him… I was able to get my poisons up on him and my rupture and Kidney Shot him… I was doing fairly good… and then he bubbled!!! That’s when I realized something… he was a RET Pally… he did that whirlwind type attack that RET Pallys do (and I had learned from dueling with my RL friend that, that attack SUCKS… I basically got 2 shotted by my friend…), so I did what any good rogue would do EVASION!!! and I also used a trinket that I got during Brewfest that increased my dodge… I was able to dodge his attack… and hit him with a 5 point Envenom… and BAM!!! Dead Pally!!! hahahaha it was awesome… that was definitely my kill of the week.  I usually don’t mess with people, but you know… sometimes, it’s good to get back at people that have been messing with you.

That’s it for now!!!

~Giggide Of Velen~


~ by giggidee2157 on November 6, 2009.

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