Giggidee’s UI

Giggidee's UISo this is my UI (User Interface) that I’ve been using (Click on the picture of a bigger preview).  There are a lot of elements, but I try to keep it as clean as possible.  The main UI interface itself is Spartan UI ( I found this UI interface after looking at a lot of different types on the net.  I found this one to be one of the more cluterless UI’s out there.  Another good UI to try out is Taeo UI (, the only reason why I haven’t used Taeo is because I found Spartan first… but who knows… I like to modify my UI around a lot so it could change… hahahaha!

Other addons I have are as follows

  1. Grid – I use grid as a replacement for my raid frames, it’s small compact and not very distracting since it’s kind of see thru.
  2. Omen Threat Meter – Definitely a MUST addon for any raider, tracks your threat on the target mob.
  3. DHUD – I primary use DHUD to necessary to watch health or anything… but rather the Combo points, although I do have a rogue addon that tracks that too… DHUD bring up little bubble to the right arc that are very viewable so I don’t have to take my eyes off the target.
  4. Assassin Timers – A great addon for watching your SnD and Rupture timers, it’s simple and easy to use.
  5. Recount – I have it there just to check on DPS, just to make sure I am hitting my rotations right and that I am putting out the damage I need to be putting out in raids.
  6. Bagnon – IMO the best bag addon out there for your bags and your bank.
  7. Elk Buff Bars – very nice and clean buff/debuff add on that replaces the standard format.
  8. Mini Map Button Frame – A little nice thing just to keep your buttons off your mini map so it doesn’t get too cluttered.
  9. Deadly Boss Mod (not viewable in picture) – also an essential raid add on.

That’s it… my UI…


For any question email me at

~Giggidee Of Velen~


~ by giggidee2157 on November 6, 2009.

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