$$Cha Ching$$ How I make gold in Warcraft

So, one major part of this game is making gold.  Gold can buy you items, materials, recipes, and etc etc… every single play has various outlets to make money other than just killing mobs for spare change drops or even completing quests.  So here is the way that I make gold in warcraft.

Upon hitting 80 with Giggidee my Rogue, I had experienced a lot of professions with her and with other alts in the past.  I was an engineer on my pally once, I was and still am an enchanter/tailor on my warlock, and I was a skinner/leatherworker on Giggidee before I changed to my current profession line up.

I decided to go Mining & Herbalism… yup!!! two gathering professions!!!  I know I know what you must be thinking… why pick up two gathering professions, especially since you can’t turn on both at the same time.  Well basically it comes to this… I gather based on the Auction House.  If I see that Saronite, Cobalt, or Titanium is selling for big, then I go and gather those things… If I see that Icethorn, Lichbloom, or Frost Lotus selling for a lot… then that’s what I gather…

With the way that the Auction House fluctuates now a days, you can never tell what is in demand unless you check.


One BIG and I mean BIG money maker for me, that I neglected for a LOOOOONG time is the secondary professions Fishing and Cooking.  I always ignored these two profession because it was just to time consuming, however one day I just decided to level them up til I hit 450… once I did hit the cap I realized that the laziness of other people will make me rich!!! LMAO!!! Seriously… check this out… a stack of Glacial Salmon, that anyone can fish up goes for nearly 60 Gold a stack… yeah… 60!!! Musselback Suclpin 50 Gold average… Nettlefish 30 Gold… I mean really… I can make this much gold in an instant, just by going to Wintergrasp and fishing for an hour… really…  In an hour I fish up about 2 to 3 stacks of each… that’s about a 280-400 Gold AVERAGE…. OMG!!! haha… that also goes for prices of food… Fish feast goes for a pretty penny for just a stack of 5…

So yeah… make that gold people…!!!


~Giggidee Of Velen~


~ by giggidee2157 on November 6, 2009.

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