On a long hiatus…

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So it’s been awhile… been really busy in medical school so there will be a 4 month Hiatus from blogging… be sure to visit once I start back up!



Patch 3.3 and Me!!! It’s a LIVE!!!

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Holy Crap! Patch 3.3 The Fall of the Lich King!!! Lmao… well I am not really surprised, I already kind of knew that the patch was dropping on 12/8/2009; from the grapevine and etc.

After downloading the patch, which took about 10mins, I try to log in only to find out that the servers are still down (that was around 6pm Eastern time).  I sighed, and chatted with friends on Yahoo! And etc.

Finally got in at around 7pm, flew over to where the three new 5 man instances were (Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection)… just about to get a group together… and I DC’d… tried to get back in… couldn’t… so I was like (&%#&*)%$)(*&@ hahahaha, decided to order a pizza, watch some television (Charlie Brown Christmas! & Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) and then I proceeded to log back in… Yay! It worked!

It was around 8pm or so, and I was actually kind of glad that I got knocked off the server earlier… I logged on and online I saw two of my RL best friends Xen & Elun (husband/wife)… We grouped together, and using the new “Dungeon Finder” tool found a DPS & Healer on different servers to do the first two new instances, Forge of Souls & Pit of Saron.  We had a pretty simply time overall, we only wiped once and that was on Ick & Krick (the 2nd boss in the Pit of Saron).  Unfortunately, Halls of Reflection was bugged zoning into and we couldn’t continue, but we had a great time… I also got a new Main Hand Axe, a new pair of Pants, and I bought new tier shoulders with Emblems of Triumph.  I am loving that the new instances drop Emblems of Triumph, muy bueno!

That’s all for now!  I will update as more comes along, I think our guild is doing ICC raiding tonight… wooo hoo!!!

Giggidee’s Multi-Subject Post #1

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So it’s been a lil bit since I’ve posted… well only two weeks or so… so I decided to do a multi-subject/segement post… enjoy!

My Week/Weekend in WoW: There have been a lot of things going on in the World Of Warcraft for me in the past week, a lot of changes that have been kind of Meh…

My guild disbanded and reformed under another name, which is ok… and I understand why after the GM and Officers explained it to everyone.  You know the usual guild drama thing and trying to avoid it.

The gold has been coming in pretty good, since my last post on 11/25… I’ve made about 6k… which is not bad at all if I do say so myself.  I’ve found it pretty interesting this week while mining that it really is the time of day that you go that will determine a good run of mining nodes.  Sunday, about mid day or so… I mined for about and hour n a half… got 5 stacks of Titanium, tons of gems, eternals, and saronite.  I mean that is HUGE… I got so much that it filled my bags… compare that with yesterday night at around 9ish… flew around… only 1 stack of Titanium, a couple of green gems, a only a few eternals… hmmm… yeah so not sure…

An FYI to all the Engineer’s our there that also Mine, SAVE all your Saronite, Titanium, Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow.  I am predicting once 3.3 comes out a BIG increase in price for those mats in the Auction House.  Two major reason is the introduction of two new engineering ammo plans… there are new Arrows and Bullets that Engi’s can make and they require either Saronite/Eternal Earth and Saronite/Eternal Shadow… the plan require Revered with the need faction coming out with 3.3 so be aware!!!  Also save that Titanium as new plans for Blacksmith and such are expected to come out and you will make TONS of gold in AH selling.

Raiding has been kind of missing since the whole guild disband/reformation thing has been going on.  Our guild leader also lost his authenticator, so we had to wait a couple of weeks for him to get his stuff straight.  Regular raiding starts back up this week, so I am really pumped up for it!!!  Hopefully ICC doesn’t come out tommorrow12/08, but I am thinking that it is going to come out on that day for sure.

I’ve also compelled myself to start leveling my Alt Warlock Giggilocks.  It’s been a while since I played her and got her to LvL74 this past weekend.  I tried to level in BGs, which is really viable for people like me that hate questing… but after 4 BGs I just decided to respect and go level via questing… and I have to tell you that you defiantly level faster questing than in BGs.

Anyways, that’s about it…

Stay tuned for the next couple of days for posts and catching up.


What’s in your Tavern: Michelob Amberbock

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everybody!!!

Lmao… So, recently… I started to have a few drinks while playing Warcraft (primarily beer or energy drinks)… as I started to think about it… and started to wonder what other people drink during playing Warcraft.

Eventually this thinking, eventually led me to make a new segement: What’s In Your Tavern?

Basically, it’s a place where I can tell you about drinks to down while playing Warcraft… they aren’t all specifically alcoholic, but we will see how it goes…

Drink of the Week: Michelob Amberbock

About it: Michelob’s Amberbock is a “americanized” version of a German Bock Beer (a dark lager).  Black Barley Malt/Carmel flavor.

Why I like it: It does take some getting use to… it is a lot thicker than regular beers but it’s light than something like Guinness.  It’s very smooth and has a nice rich Barley Malt flavor.  5 stars!!!


MWIW: PTR 3.3 The Forge of Souls & Pit of Saron + NEW LFG review (Semi-Spoilers!!!)

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So, as I updated in my short update post over the weekend… I hit the PTR to check out 3.3 the release of the Icecrown Citadel.

I made the following characters on the PVE Server on the PTR, so if your playing on the PTR please feel free to message me and maybe we can run some stuff together!!!

Giggidee (Rogue), Giggilocks (Warlock), Giggadin (Pally), Giggi (Druid)

The ususally 2 DPS, 1 Tank, and 1 Healer.

First let me talk about the new LFG system or other wise known as the “Dungeon Finder” system.  First off, I just want to say that I REALLY like how this systems works.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but when I fired it up I was really impressed… basically you choose what dungeon (s) that you want to do… you can choose specific ones or you can go random.  You mark off that you want to do in the group… heal, dps, tank… and then you wait in que… after a short min this box pops up and check marks that they have found classes to fulfill each roll, and you random group is teleported directly to the instance. NEAT!!!

Next… MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!! I ran 2 of the 3 new 5-man dungeons; The Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron.  They were very exciting and there is a great story as you follow Jaina (or Sylvannas) through the dungeon… there is a chain quest that is very important in order to progress through 3 of the new dungeons… as well as get attuned to go into 10/25-mans.

The Forge of Souls

2 bosses, relatively short

Bronjahm – first boss, named after “James Brown,” this guy has the title of <keep of souls> or <godfather of souls> something like that. Very funny. A basic tank a spank, nothing too serious.

Devourer of Souls – the second boss, he looks like a big head (kind like that boss in Hellfire)… big things to worry about are the circles he summons on the floor… they hurt… there are adds too but I ignore them.

At the end Jaina will open a portal to the next instance!!!

Pit of Saron

3 bosses, also pretty short… but longer than the first

Forgemaster Garfrost – a huge giant is the first boss… basic tank and spank… he runs back and forth between different percentages to get a new weapon.. kind of like the guy in Deadmines before you get on the boat… just a bigger scale.

Krick and Ick – an abomination type boss with a gnome riding on him… watch out of the acid he spills on the ground (green)… mondo damage! also watch out of random AOE explosions that the gnome on the top of him creates.

Scourgelord Tyrannus – Darth Tyrannus? hahaha the last boss… pretty simple… turn and burn.. he spawns adds… he can be a pain in the ass as he didn’t seem to have an aggro table when we fought him… he ran all over the place…

Didn’t get a chance to do  Halls of Refelction but hopefully soon… if you log on a look me up we can run it together!!!



PTR 3.3 Testing: Forge of Souls & Pit of Saron

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So, much to my delight… I downloaded the PTR this past weekend and tested two out of three new 5 man dungeons in the next patch 3.3 Ice Crown Citadel.  Forge of Souls and the Pit of Saron was really fun.  I enjoyed Pit of Saron more because there is this one encounter/marathon part where you run through a cave killing sourge and ice block fall from the sky… very fun and exciting.  The storyline as well progressed very well… I actually paid attention to it… lmao…  I didn’t get a chance to do the last one… but maybe tomorrow…

Also, on a side note… the new LFG cross server thing works awesome… good job blizzard!

My UPCOMING Weekend in Warcraft: Mining, Fishing, & Raiding!!!

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Bang! So in a twist of the segment, I decided what I’ve got planned for Warcraft for this upcoming weekend.  Lots of exciting stuff, at lease for me that is… Mining & Fishing to get my gold stash back up to a reasonable level… and I’ve given myself a sort of challenge…

I am going to test to see how much gold I can make in 1 month from Mining, Fishing, and the Cooking/Fishing daily in Dalaran.  That’s it… no other dailies… nothing else… what ever I Mine and Fish will be sold on the AH periodically and we will see… My ultimate goal… I think I’ve given myself is 20k, I was going to make it 10k but I’ve made 5k in a week depending on the market on the AH…  We will see in a few days I’ve made back almost 2k of the gold I spent to level Engineering.

In other news, I’ll be raiding tonight (Friday)… yahoo!!! I think this is the first weekend I don’t really have to worry about a paper to write or an exam I have to study for… which is really nice… so I will be all into the game tonight…

Log on to Velen – US and say Hi!!! ❤

Giggidee of Velen